I’m Jessie Thomson. I spend my professional time working in Production for television, specifically in children’s programming, and even more specifically in “toons”.

I cast voice talent and I also direct voice talent in recording sessions. I love working with actors because I used to be one. Long ago I trod the boards and emoted and sang and tripped the light fantastic. Now I get to influence other actors and try to help make the magic of animation happen. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Through the twenty odd years that I have been working in animation I have developed a real fondness for working with kids. There is something very special about helping a young actor figure it all out. Kids are like sponges with no preconceptions. Sometimes the things that come out of a kid’s mouth are spectacularly and often hilariously unique. They are usually pretty darned grateful for any guidance they can get, so it works out rather well for all of us. I get to help a kid actor out and go home satisfied , they get to do what they love and have fun and, at the end of the day, the production gets an honest performance to animate to (it's a win-win).

Having said that, there’s nothing quite like working on a more adult and wackier show with seasoned pros for a welcome change of pace. Working with adults is a challenge of a different sort. Actors who have experience and skill get to the work quicker and easier. The challenge with an adult actor is to crack through the professional slickness and find something new, fresh and unique.

In the end, it’s all about making characters and situations come to “life”. And it’s all about having fun doing it. That’s my credo anyway. “If it ain’t fun, then something’s wrong. ” So that’s about it regarding me and my modus operandi. It’s kind of like Life really….. Keep it simple. Play the emotions. Go big. Have fun. (Download my CV)
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